Laura Henderson

Laura Henderson

President, Henderson Associates

Laura Henderson is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and author.  She has received numerous awards for her innovative management style, her company’s contribution to biomedical research, and her role as an advocate for women in business.  She was named as the nation’s Woman Business Owner of the Year.

At age 32, Laura left corporate America to found Prospect Associates, an internationally recognized health communications and biomedical research firm.  She grew Prospect to over $20 million in revenues and nearly 200 employees.

She sold Prospect in 2000 and founded Henderson Associates, consulting and speaking on entrepreneurship, women’s leadership, and innovative human resources strategies.

A pioneer in developing and advocating for management styles based on women’s leadership styles, Laura is known as a business innovator and philosopher.  The success of her strategies was reflected by Prospect being selected by Inc. Magazine as “One of the Best Small Companies to Work for in America” and being named as the “Employer of the Year” by her local Business and Professional Women’s Club.

Her unique approach to management has been featured in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Newsweek; and she has appeared on such programs as the ABC Nightly News, Good Morning America, and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Laura is an advocate for women in business.  She founded the Center for Women’s Business Research, a non-profit research institute focused exclusively on women entrepreneurs and leaders, and has been involved in the development of national legislation regarding women in business.

Wanting to share the “lessons learned” and insights she gained throughout her career, she and Sharon Hadary authored this book.

While managing a rapidly growing business, she raised two sons and was named “Mother of the Year” by the American Heart Association.

Recent speaking engagements include Georgetown University, The Association of Management Consultants, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Women’s Network, the University of Maryland, It’s a Woman’s World TV interview, Women Impacting Public Policy, and