December 27, 2012

“I got a Job with this Book” is the headline for the latest review of How Women Lead.

“This book was a gift from my mom, right before I was interviewing for a new job. I ended up getting the job, which was two levels above my current position. I can definitely say it was in part due to the information in this book. The most useful chapter was entitled Advocate Unabashedly for Yourself. Women, in general, tend to have a harder time taking credit for and selling their accomplishments. Thus we get passed over for promotions and better assignments. The big take aways from this chapter are:

  • Develop a brand that is uniquely yours
  • Think of yourself as a valuable asset
  • Create an executive presence
  • Build your reputation strategically
  • Track and quantify your successes
  • Do your research
  • Ask for what you want

This book was also a quick read. Highly recommended!”
Sweet Polly Purebred “Lisa” (Bethesda, MD USA)  (See all Amazon Reviews)